Friday, April 22, 2011

It's almost time!

Did you know Frop! & [astraia] have combined super hero forces to create Le Bloom? It's true.

We haven't officially opened yet, but we wanted to give you a sneak pre-view of of some of the things we're working on. Feel free to come see us, we have SOME stuff out and available, but keep in mind we're working around the clock (no not really) to get more fun excited stuff made just for you. Gaaah. <3 Our offiical open date is set for May 1st. April 29th we'll be holding a smash bash party with some awesome music (live dj), and prize give aways. May 1st we'll start off with a sale. What better way is there to open a new store?
I mean really.

You'll find the land full of different spots for awesome photo ops. We've done this for a reason. Twice a month we'll be doing a photo contest. The winners of said contest will be featured on our Ad Wall in the shop in addition to getting free stuff! Not only will you get free stuff, but whatever Le Bloom outfit/accessory you feature in your submitted photo, will then be on sale for the next 2 weeks at half off.
Let's recap.
1. you get to look cute and pose for photos. WIN.
2. You get to become a Le Bloom Celebrity. ZOMG.
3. You get free stuff.
4. You're enabling everyone else to get whatever it is you LOVED so much at half off. It's a win, win, win win...situation for everyone.

Below are some of the things you can find in the shop now!

Cleo - L$79
Dear lord. I have a weakness for anything poofy, and this dress certainly hits the spot. Included with the bubble skirt is the halter dress, the knee socks, the v-neck sweater and the necklace shown. All for L$89, you ask? Why yes. All of that.
It's available in Sugarplum, Cinnamon, Pacific, Moonstone & Cocoa (just a few  Le Bloom's 12 signature colors)

Felicity - L$79
And I said...what about breakfast at Felicitys??
Oh, wrong song. It still works, right?
Felicity is a single outfit and is only available in the color/style shown here. It includes those fantatic jeans, the open button tee and the open style jacket in moonstone.

'06 Raglans - L$149/pack
Dearrrr Raglan. I heart you.
These awesome tees are available in 3 different packs of 4.Warms, Neutrals & Cools. And as you'll always find, you get them in all layers. No more worrying about not being able to wear your favorite shirt and favorite jacket TOGETHER.
Ahh, life is beautiful.

Scoop Neck Sweaters L$149/pack
Yes. It's techically spring...but sometimes you need a sweater on those chilly days. Besides, I love sweaters.
Again, available in 3 different packs of 4, in Leblooms Signature color packs. Included are all layers, the sweater, and 4 different sculpt prims that change texture on more finding the right dang prim for the right dang sweater. Just touch it (hehehe) and pick your poison.

Suspended L$79
Do you know what else is great? Anything that includes sweaters AND suspenders....which this hot little number does. Suspended includes some fancy little stripey knee socks, the cropped sweater and the suspender dress.  It's available in 4 of Le Bloom's signature colors; Sugarplum, Cinnamon, Cocoa & Moonstone.

Candace L$79
If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that babydoll dresses are hawt. The just whisper 'Come hittther'.
If I could live in them, I would. (If I had a sweater to go along with them of coarse). Candace is available in Moonstone, Sugarplum & Cocoa.
Carlie L$79
Sweater. Again. :) But not only do you get the sweater shrug! Oh no. Carlie also includes a fancy little dress with lace trim and a bow, as well as some cute little socks. It comes in Blush, Cinnamon, Moonstone & Pacific.
So, there you have a it. A few of the things you'll find inside Le Bloom. We also have outdoors decor, home decor and accessories.
We'll have the fishing dock set up soon so you'll be able to come fish for your favorite stuff! We're also highly entertained by Greedy and you can sometimes find us on the table engrossed in those silly little dice.

You'll still be able to find all of our old stuff  in the Marketplace at a deeply discounted price, along with the new stuff from Le Bloom!

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