Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh my, new stuff :)

Yay, RL has actually allowed us a little time to get a few new things up in the shop this past week.

MESH Capri Loungers
L99 each
Available in 5 colors
--Demo available @ store.

MESH Chevron Dresses
L99 each
Available in 6 colors
--Demo available @ store.

MESH Flats
Available in 4 color sets (color change upon touch)
L125 each.

MESH Slice of Color Wedges
Available in 3 color sets (color change upon touch)
Toe nails change color too!
L125 each

Sally Mae Outfits
L99 each set
Set includes tank, shorts & flip flops.

Sassy Tabby Shorts
Available in 6 colors
L79 each

Stay Outfits
Available in 3 color sets
Sets includes Tanks (all layers)
Mesh Flats (color change upon touch)

Kelly shorts
Available in 4 colors
L79 each

New entry bench set (deco only)

Spring Tee's 6 pack

A few customers have asked for some different colored lawn chair packs, so here you go :)

L99 each 
All 3 chairs have different sits in them.
3 new color packs :)

So, pop on over and get some newness. :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A little bit of new :))

Even with as busy as things have been this week we've managed to get a few new things out. Yay :)

On the clothes side we haveeee:
Bella MESH dress.
Available in 6 solids, and 6 patterns.
L150 each.

No Mod, Copy, No trans

Corsets, hotpants & heels.
Sold separate.
Corsets are available in black, gray & white for L150 each.
Hotpants are available in glitter black, blue, red, white green & pink. L150.
Heels are glitter as well and come in black, blue, red white, green & pink, also L150 each.
No Mod, Copy, No Trans.

On the home side we have:

The Impressions living room set.
It includes the sofa & armchair, lamp, tables, rug and magazine.
All for L199, Mod & Copy.
Available in BubbleYum, Meadows & London.

Modern chairs.
6 different new chairs.
L99 each.
Each chair is Mod/Copy/No Trans
4 sit animations in each, and they all change colors to 7 different color options.
Shadow and no shadow are included.

Cafe Table & Chairs Set
L125 each.
Mod.Copy.No trans.
Cute animated chairs w/ 3 animations each.

The Landon Living Room
L199 - Mod.Copy.No Trans.
Includes the sofa, arm chair & love seat (all animated), ottoman, end tables, lamp, coffee giver and book giver.

Pop on over!
LeBloom in World

Monday, January 9, 2012

Moody Monday!

Happy Monday lovelies :)
Not much to report today, but the new coach set 'Avery', as well as a blue-er version of it for Moody Monday.

The Avery is 108 prims which is kinda high for us, but there are a lot of little details, and you can pick and choose what you'd like if you don't have the prims for all 108.

Set includes the sofa & arm chair, both animated.
Coffee table, & side table, rug, lily vase and magazine.
Suitcases, lamp, telephone, books & book end.

The normal set is on sale in the shop for L199, and is mod cop
It's available in beige, plum, red & olive.

While you're there, grab info on the FTLO hunt that is going on right NOW.

The Moody Monday set is L55 EEGADS.
It's trans only, and available today inside the store.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First off. Happy New Years! *blows noise makers*
2011 was an interesting year. A lot happened, I learned some stuff and man did it go by quick.

2012 my New Years Resolution was to.....not make any new resolutions until I accomplish the ones for the last however many years I've failed. YAY lol

Ok. News for you from LeBloom.
First off. The sim is just about done. I'm so freaking pleased as pie with how everything is turning out I could literally pee...but heather told me I can't, so I guess I wont.

Belle Epoque is now home to main stores of:
LeBloom (duh)
Savoir Faire Shapes
Exodi Skins
Pestle & Twig.

You can get everything you need here! Shapes, skins, clothing, jewelry, eyes, accessories, prefabs, home furniture & deco. One stop shopping folks lol
It's a happy coastal mountain sim, with plenty to explore and more will be added soon.
The new stores are up and just about ready to go so please stop by and have a look.
Belle Epoque
We are super excited about everything we have planned for amazing events, so stay tuned!

News news news.
FTLO Millennium hunt starts tomorrow and we've whipped up an awesome little New Years themed set.

36 prims. Cute little resolutions wall art.
Animated chair (3 animations)
Happy rug, wall plates, candles, table & lamp.

The best part about it? 1L.
For real.

For more info. on the hut, there's a sign in front of our shop HERE!
Click on it, and it shall give you all the information you will need.

That pretty much covers it.
1. Come see new sim and check out awesome stores.
2. Get info. on FTLO Millennium hunt that starts TOMORROW.
3. Have a fantastic week :)

LawraLoo & hc

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh new stuff, and new location....yes, again.

I will not bore you with details, I will juts say, our main store has moved. Again.
This however, will be the last time we move. Ever. lol
We got a pretty little sim, named it Belle Epoque and I'm loving it.

While we prepare the sim in beauty however, we have a shop in the sky in a bubble. I must say, I do love bubbles. :) We're hoping to have everything up and running (with available space to rent as well) by January 1st.

Now, on to new stuff!

Urban dress jeans. Perfect for anywhere you need to be.
Available in dark blue, light blue, subdued blue & gray.
L$99 each or L275 for all 4.

Sweet Daisy Jeans.
Available in heather gray, light cocoa & sky.
L$99 each.

Owl sweater!
I love owls. I really made this for Heather, but yes, everyone loves owls, yesh?

Dim stripe sweaters.
Available in teal, olive & cinnamon stripes.
L$69 each.

Santa baby.
Cute little number just in time to be festive!
Only L1. Merry Holidays!

Also, don't forget the free holiday advent gifts in the store.
I've added even more goodies to the box.
You've got today, tomorrow, Friday & Saturday for free gifts!


Link to store in world

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ahhh. Black Friday here too?!?! Yay!

Ahhh. Everything at the shop is set for 50%-75% off today through Sunday.

I've also changed the prize parade to a 75% refund and it's only set to FIVE people.
Can you get 5 people here to get a refund on 55L? That means you'll only end up paying 14 freaking lindens for the cute Bailey dress in sugarplum.

Pop over, grab cheap stuff and be merry :)