Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh new stuff, and new location....yes, again.

I will not bore you with details, I will juts say, our main store has moved. Again.
This however, will be the last time we move. Ever. lol
We got a pretty little sim, named it Belle Epoque and I'm loving it.

While we prepare the sim in beauty however, we have a shop in the sky in a bubble. I must say, I do love bubbles. :) We're hoping to have everything up and running (with available space to rent as well) by January 1st.

Now, on to new stuff!

Urban dress jeans. Perfect for anywhere you need to be.
Available in dark blue, light blue, subdued blue & gray.
L$99 each or L275 for all 4.

Sweet Daisy Jeans.
Available in heather gray, light cocoa & sky.
L$99 each.

Owl sweater!
I love owls. I really made this for Heather, but yes, everyone loves owls, yesh?

Dim stripe sweaters.
Available in teal, olive & cinnamon stripes.
L$69 each.

Santa baby.
Cute little number just in time to be festive!
Only L1. Merry Holidays!

Also, don't forget the free holiday advent gifts in the store.
I've added even more goodies to the box.
You've got today, tomorrow, Friday & Saturday for free gifts!


Link to store in world

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