Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First off. Happy New Years! *blows noise makers*
2011 was an interesting year. A lot happened, I learned some stuff and man did it go by quick.

2012 my New Years Resolution was to.....not make any new resolutions until I accomplish the ones for the last however many years I've failed. YAY lol

Ok. News for you from LeBloom.
First off. The sim is just about done. I'm so freaking pleased as pie with how everything is turning out I could literally pee...but heather told me I can't, so I guess I wont.

Belle Epoque is now home to main stores of:
LeBloom (duh)
Savoir Faire Shapes
Exodi Skins
Pestle & Twig.

You can get everything you need here! Shapes, skins, clothing, jewelry, eyes, accessories, prefabs, home furniture & deco. One stop shopping folks lol
It's a happy coastal mountain sim, with plenty to explore and more will be added soon.
The new stores are up and just about ready to go so please stop by and have a look.
Belle Epoque
We are super excited about everything we have planned for amazing events, so stay tuned!

News news news.
FTLO Millennium hunt starts tomorrow and we've whipped up an awesome little New Years themed set.

36 prims. Cute little resolutions wall art.
Animated chair (3 animations)
Happy rug, wall plates, candles, table & lamp.

The best part about it? 1L.
For real.

For more info. on the hut, there's a sign in front of our shop HERE!
Click on it, and it shall give you all the information you will need.

That pretty much covers it.
1. Come see new sim and check out awesome stores.
2. Get info. on FTLO Millennium hunt that starts TOMORROW.
3. Have a fantastic week :)

LawraLoo & hc

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