Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Releases! Happy Mothers Day to all you mommies out there!

First, I want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our re-opening party.
It was a total blast and I had so much fun meeting all you cute little peoples :)

Thanks to our Sponsors and to Nex for dj'ing. stuff this week!

Place Jeans L79
 Available in pacific, granite & Cocoa.
Double button waist, cute cut pockets and curvy sculpty legs.

Mod/Copy - No trans.

Shirley Jeans - L79
Cute cut pockets, cuffed sculpty pant legs. 
Available in pacific, granite & cocoa
Mod-Copy - No trans.
Polka Blouses L59 
Hand shaded, cute details, flexi bottom.
Available in sugarplum & moonstone.
Mod-Copy - No Trans.

Leigh Outfit L99

Flippy Flops - L49 each
Available in 10 different color combos. 
Mod-Copy - No Trans.

Ruffles & Lace - L89
Cute cute cute. Hand drawn ruffles. Sculpty dress, short sleeve lace shrug, & Envy Becky flats. 

Mod-Copy - No trans.
Only available in pacific. (for now)

Frills - L89
Hand drawn ruffles. Flexi skirt & flip flops. 
Available in Pearl & Cocoa (previous Moody Mondays in Sunshine)

Mod-Copy-No Trans.

There ya have it!

Don't forget Moody Mondays tomorrow. Here's the outfit we have out for 55L!

Pop over to Le Bloom here!

Luff LawraLoo!

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