Friday, July 8, 2011

New stuff new stuff la la la la la

RL has been a tadddd bit busy lately.
But! New stuff is in!
So far, it's only posted in the marketplace, but I'll have it up in the store soon.

Dream Shelf. Bottled dreams, Decor only L25. 10 prims
Available in blue, purple, pink & gray.
Also available in 'Love'.

 Front entry set. L55. 29 prims. Also available in lime.
 Composition kitchen. 58 prims L65.
Available in Cinnamon, Asparagus, Coca & Moonstone.
Working fridge & oven.
Animated chairs and working clock!
 Lawn chairs! L65. 6 prims each.
Each chair has 7 different animations and 8 color options
Click the shadow to change the animation.
Click the chair part to change the color.
 Simple dining room.
23 prims. L65.
Working clock, steamy mugs, potted aloe and hand shaded.
4 animations per chiar.
Chairs and table color change with 5 different color options.
Click the shadows to change the animation and change the chair/table to change the color.
 Simple living room. L85. 45 prims.
Set comes with 3 wall art pieces, sofa, loveseat, side table, lamp, coffee table, magazine & rug.
Available in Beige, Moonstone & Cocoa.
Menu scripted seating.
Madeline living room. 38 prims. L85
Set comes with wall warm, window box, loveseat, sofa & rug.
Menu scripted seating.

Go check the store out on the marketplace and grab some new stuffs!
LeBloom - Marketplace Store!

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