Saturday, July 16, 2011

More new stuff & Moody Monday Set!

Ah. Time to make stuff, how I've missed you.

Check out the new stuff, and the new Moody Monday set that will be up...well...Monday! lol
Only 55L!

 This week's Moody Monday item is a prelude to the Patterson sets that are new and amazing.
It's only 55L, and will be out on Monday, so go get yours!
 Herbology sets, Grab set 1, or set 2, or both!
L45 each set, or 85L for both.
Super cute, super chic and low prim.

 Patterson set in black. 30 prims
Scripted menu change for the colors/textures.

 Seaside sets.
They all go with the seaside cottage

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