Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Sale extended!

My all time favorite season is Fall. I love the brisk mornings, the changing of the leaves. There's just a small serene feeling for me.
So, what have we done? We've created a new fall line @ LeBloom.
All of our summer items are on sale for 50%-75% off, and while the sale the slated to end today, we're extended it until Wednesday.

Alsooooo, all the new fall items are 25% off and there's quite a bit of new stuff.
Don't forget about Moody Monday either!
Here's this week's Moody Monday set.
It comes with the v-neck sweater, the sculpted skirt (w/ alpha layer to hide yar butt!) and the tights.
All for L55!

And now onto some new stuffs!
 Patched cardigans. Ohhh so cute and they'll keep you toasty!
 Charmed rain boots.
Color scripted. Available in 4 color packs. Neutrals, Warms & cools.

 Fall ruffle sweaters. Available in olive, sunset, caramel & mustard
 Fur lined boots. Available in granite and cocoa.
 Molly jackets. Available in singles or the whole pack.

 Popover hoodies & cords.
Buy just 1 color, or all 5 w/ the cords.
 Toasty vest. Available in 6 colors.
Zipper hoodies.
Available in wars, cools or neutrals.

So come get your sale stuff!

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