Sunday, November 13, 2011

New main store location and a few new things.

Ah, we finally went and did it. New land with more space and more prims.
We're on a full sim now with Hempy from Ripe, and Quiver from (Nushru) and I'm so excited to being sharing this space with them. The theme of the sim will be a bit surreal when we're finally finished and I can't wait to see the outcome. Drinkinstein Sorbet from The Sea Hole has worked so hard on all the shops and I can't wait to see what she has planned for the rest of the sim. That woman is absolutely amazing.

A few picks of the shop and then I'll get on to a few new things.
 The front view. 
A few inside shots

And there you have it. New store.
Okay, new stuff :)

I'm totally loving these jackets right now.
A. I love plaid.
B. I love plaid.
and C. I love anything that keeps me warm as it's getting too darn cold about right now for my likings.
It's available in Cranberry, Dim & asparagus for L89 each.

Yay! More toasty warm stuff!
There are 3 sets of these yummy colored coats.
Pink/blue, orange/pink, and orange/teal for L125 each.
They include the sculpted hat, and coat pieces + the coat clothing layer.

Boots too! These fur boots come in chocolate & granite.
And are L79 each.
Don't forget to check out the charmed and jaunt rain boots while you're there. ;)

Heather says this looks like a mechanic's suit. To that I say, power to the women. It think it's hot, so there :p
Available in chocolate, asparagus & granite and are L79 each.

I can't remember if I added these before, or not.
Probably not, but tis the season to stay warm.
Available in 5 colors, (olive not shown here) and are L79 each.

Are you starting to believe me when I say it's getting cold where I'm at?
I promise it is. I even bought a new heating blanket today.
Cute toasty vests, available in 6 different colors:
blue, green, purple, orange, leopard & zebra trim.
L79 each.

Short wool sweaters. Love these
L89 each

and some zigzag. These make me happy.

So there ya have it. New stuff. There's also new stuff on the home side of the store so be sure to check it out..
Peace, love and apple juice! 

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