Monday, November 21, 2011

New releases, earn some lindens back & Moody Monday!

Ahhh, Monday. My least favorite day of the week.
I really don't like it much, but I somehow make it through every week.

LeBloom has a new way for you to earn back some of your hard earned lindens.

The prize parade! Woot Woot. Trowix has developed a prett amazing new product.  Here's how it works.
Purchase the item inside the Prize Parade Vendor (this week it's a new release; Bailey in sugarplum see ad below) within the 24hr time period.
I have the board set up to 20 sales.
If 20 people buy that item in the next 24 hours, you get 50% of what you paid for the item refunded to your lindens.
So, grab your friends and come get some lindens back!
You have to be a member of the LeBloom group in order to get the refund, so don't forget to click the group joiner right below it before you pay!

It's also time for Moody Monday (thought I'm a little late in the day to be adding this, RL work must come first).
Moody Monday this week is a cute little Holiday setting.
47 prims total. Includes all the pieces you see here.
55L today only for Moody Monday.

New stuff? okkkayy..
I am so totally in love with these boots.
Liddle boots, $L99 each.
Available in all 12 LeBloom Signature colors: Granite, dim, pearl, cocoa, pacific, moonstone, sugarplum, asparagus, cinnamon, mango, dandelion & blush.
Includes the alpha layer to hide your feeties :)

 Bailey dress, marked at $L75 each.
Available in cinnamon, sugarplum, granite & chocolate.
Orrrr you can grab it in the prize parade!

Belted halters, 3 pack for $L99.
Cute stuff I tell ya.

So, hop on over, grab some stuff, earn some lindens back and run around and be crazy.
LeBloom Mainstore
Oh, and excuse the mess around the sim lol we're in the process of making amazingness there ;)
Happy Monday all!

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